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    Asian salad with baked shrimps and mandarin orange recipe

    In the colder seasons, our body craves for rich food so much, that sometimes we forget to load ourselves with the energy from fruits and vegetables. That is why today I’m gonna teach you a small trick that will mix both your need for a savory dish and the organism’s need of specific vitamins.
    It will be a very short journey, as it takes nearly no time to prepare, but  I assure you the result is delicious.
    Yes, it’s a salad. But not any kind of salad, but an Asian tasty salad and a nice treat to surprise your friends over a dinner party.
    What do you need 
    For the salad (4 medium portions):
    1 big red bell pepper (or 2 small/medium ones)
    2 spring onions
    1 small chili pepper
    2 small carrots
    10 cherry tomatoes
    1 can of peeled mandarin oranges in their own sauce
    300g of fresh shelled shrimps (medium sized)
    Salt and pepper
    Olive oil

    For the dressing:
    3 spoons of oyster sauce
    3 spoons of fish sauce
    3 spoons of the mandarin orange sauce
    1 spoon of brown sugar

    How to prepare it 
    First, we need to prepare our shrimps. Make sure they are nicely cleaned and pat them dry before starting.
    Place them in an aluminum foil and drizzle with olive oil. Just for a small seasoning, add some salt and pepper. Bake in the heated oven for 15 minutes. Set aside to cool.
    Separately, clean and shave the carrots, cut the bell pepper in thin slices and the spring onions likewise.
    Remove the seeds from the chili pepper (careful, don’t touch your eyes or face in the processJ) and cut them in thin slices. If you are not best friends with spicy food, just use half of it.
    Clean the tomatoes and cut them in halves.
    Add all this ingredients in a mixing salad bowl.
    In a medium glass, prepare the dressing by adding all the liquid ingredients and the sugar. Stir until the sugar is totally dissolved. 
    Pour the dressing over the ingredients in the bowl and mix until the sauce is evenly distributed. Add the mandarin oranges and mix lightly. 
    Am I done already? Guess so J I told you it will be ready in no time. 
    In plus, this salad has a rich consistency because of the shrimps and sauce, but is perfectly balanced by the vegetables. The final touch is given by the tangy mandarin orange and spiciness of the chili pepper.
    I really hope you will enjoy it.
    Check out more photos here

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